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Established in 2012, Active Tasmania aimed to improve community health and well being. Unfortunately due to a lack of ongoing funding, Active Tasmania was disbanded in June 2016. 

Based on the success of the original project, Active Launceston (2008), and utilising the resources and knowledge base of the University, Active Tasmania provided consultancies, resources, and event and project management for organisations and communities. Active Tasmania included; cross-sectional community-wide programs, workplace health and well being initiatives, undergraduate units and post-graduate research.

Active Tasmania provided a number of community engagement, leadership, research and teaching outcomes for the University and the communities in which it serves. Active Tasmania enjoyed support from across the faculties and regional jurisdictions of the University with staff and students from a variety of disciplines providing specialised input.

The Active Tasmania Project Summary can be located here.

For more information on Active Tasmania please contact Senior Project Manager (Regional Development) Lucy Byrne 

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